Boulder City Championship

The City Championship tournament started back in 1981. At the end of each season, the winners of multiple nights of league play would compete for the overall City Champs. The winners of this Sanctioned tournament get the bragging rights and ownership of the Travelling Trophy until next year's competition.

The 2021 tournament will have a different format since the club only has a Tuesday night league. Any pitcher can sign up to play in this year’s event. Qualifications will be:

  • Must be a full team of 3.

  • All pitchers must be a full or provisional NHPA member.

  • Each Pitcher must have pitched 6 games in league play.

There will be no entry fee for this tournament.

Deadline to let Vicki know your team will be playing - August 26

If more than 2 teams sign up, the format will be singles tournament play. Meaning: Class C pitchers ONLY pitch C and so on. Total number of wins for a team will determine the winner.

Playoff to break ties

City Champions